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FORM3D is a product design and prototyping company based in Pune, India. We use 3D printers amongst other methods for prototyping extremely strong and accurate products.

What is 3D printing?

It is a generic term for any sort of additive manufacturing. This type of manufacturing, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing (CNC machines etc), is a process where material is fused together in the exact shape. This type of manufacturing is advantageous because of it’s speed, it’s ability to make complex shapes, and it’s lack of material wastage.

There are several types of 3D printing technologies but 3 of them are most common.

  1. Filament based 3D printing utilizes plastic filaments which are melted through small nozzles to create a pattern.
  2. Resin based 3D printing cures extremely thin layers of liquid resin either through lasers or UV light to create highly detailed objects.
  3. Powder based 3D printing uses powerful lasers to sinter together layers of plastic (or metal) powder to create extremely strong and detailed products.

We, at FORM3D, currently have filament based and resin based 3D printers and are constantly exploring new ways to improve our prototyping methods.