Have you created your own 3D model? Do you want to create a prototype?

Prototypes are used to test out aesthetics, fit and other design parameters. Once you send us your design, we can use our two filament based 3D printers to create a quick, accurate and cost effective prototype.

In cases where extremely fine details and accuracy of dimensions is important, we can print on our resin based 3D printer which has 10 times the accuracy of the filament printers!

We also have in house artists who will finish, join, smoothen, or paint your prototype. In addition we can add inserts or screws to your prototypes.

Please get in touch with us for your 3D printing requirements.

To learn more about which method of 3D Printing would be suitable for you, please click on the right for our blog.


If you need multiple pieces of the same design, we offer vacuum moulding and pressure casting. Casting allows us to be flexible with materials used for the product. We offer epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane resins as well as PU foam, wax and ceramic like materials for casting. Get in touch with your requirements and we can suggest the appropriate material for you!


Our new thermoforming machine can make casts of various types of moulds out of plastic sheets. Take a look at how the process works. Get in touch with your requirements and we will suggest whether thermoforming is appropriate for you.


Our in house artists can create hand made prototypes for your needs. We can use laser cut acrylic, MDF, wood, foam board and other such sheets to create simpler prototype shapes and they can also use clay modeling and sculpting to create artistic prototypes on top of base shapes.