3D PRINTED Architecture

We also make 3D miniature scale models of architecture plans which are extremely useful for architects during the planning stage, and for clients to visualize a project. The models are made out of strong and durable plastic which allows users to handle them without the need of a cover. In a quest to make 3D printed architectural models more interactive, we also make our roofs and floors removable so that clients can see individualised plans of each floor. Watch a video of how we create these models below.

Why we’re WAY better than traditional hand crafted models


Very durable. Can be handled and displayed without a cover.


Complex, intricate, circular, and spherical details possible


Can get up to 0.4mm precision, based on the AutoCAD drawings provided.


Fast turnaround time. For example, 2 x 1.5 ft single level bungalow model would be ready in 10 days.


Extremely competitive prices.


Editable soft copy of 3D model would be sent to the architect for future use.

How to order a 3D Printed Architectural Model


Step 1

Click below to fill and submit our inquiry form.


Step 2

Send us drawings (AutoCAD/Sketch-Up) and any reference material to ¬†[email protected].


Step 3

After receiving your information we will get back to you within two days with a quote and a time estimate.