3D printing has innumerable benefits in the field of architecture. Having an in-house desktop 3D printer helps present concepts to clients faster and allows doing multiple iterations at reduced costs and increased efficiency.
Here are some reasons why 3D printing in architecture makes sense.



  1. The Bigger Picture
    Be it any kind of structure, it is always better to see it physically then to visualise it yourself. Interacting with the physical model helps client relay his needs properly and realise the design challenges that may be there.
  2. Faster and cost-efficient iterations
    With 3D printed models, the cost of creating models with different small changes comes down drastically. So each revision in design can be physically realised. Also, traditional method of model making takes time and is labor intensive. Although it can be out-sourced but that comes at considerable costs. FORM3D‘s in-house desktop printer ULTIMAKER 2 comes in handy for such situations, thus providing cost and time effective solutions.
  3. A range of materials
    There are a variety of filaments avaliable for 3d printing which means you can get desired quality in your 3d printed models. From filaments that enable creating finer details to having different finishes of white, even wooden finish is possible. Open filament system like Ultimaker’s  lets you create exactly what you want.
  4. Complex designs
    With 3D-printing, creating complex designs is a piece of cake. This technology really comes in handy for showing off complex and intricate design details. Geometries, facade details, elaborate roof-tops which are very difficult to replicate with traditional model-making can be easily built using 3d-printers.
  5. Interaction with environment
    3d printing effectively replicates how the structure would interact with sunlight, and helps the client understand about shadows, or even wind’s effect.  Achieving the same with traditional methods will lead to consideraly higher costs.So, 3D printing is here to revolutionize architectural model-making and if not completely replace the traditional method, it atleast effectively adds onto it.These were few examples of how 3d printing can benefit an architectural firm.

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