Another happy client and this time we have our GIZMO3D printer to thank for it.

Recently printed a ‘Hanuman’ figure, and the finished product after post-processing looks like this.


Using SLA 3D printing technology which builds links of chains of molecules using light we were able to achieve this high level of detailing.

Although the length of time for printing a design depends on its complexity and size, but SLA printers can usually print most functional parts within a day.  Apart from the speed of printing, another advantage of SLA printers is the strength of model. Prototypes and designs made with stereolithography are strong enough to be machined and can also be used to make master patterns for injection molding or various metal casting processes.

SLA is widely used to make accurate prototypes, and achieves great results even with irregular shapes and designs. 

This particular design was printed in 6 hours.

If you have a design that you’d like to see prototyped, kindly mail us your requirements at [email protected] 


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