FORM3D Resins
FORM3D is an integrated product design, development, prototyping and production company specialising in customisation as well as 3D printing. We’ve realised that our clients who are inventors, startups or SMEs would rather spend time working on their technology and marketing it instead of running from one vendor to another to get their product to market.

We now offer total product development- right from product design (with 2D and 3D drawings), to prototyping, and finally to small and large scale manufacturing as well as packaging- all under one roof.


A great product is only as good as the design it’s based on. We create 2D and 3D models specific to the type of manufacturing method you would eventually like to use. We help you understand all the manufacturing options that make sense for your product. We measure and fit the internal components of your product into a perfect aesthetic design. We make design changes based on your requirements, as well as any modifications required after the prototyping stage.

  FORM3D PROTOTYPING  FORM3D prototyping pune

We determine the right material and finish you require for the prototype and provide you with a range of options from 3D printing using our 4 in-house 3D printers, to metal castings, or even wooden CNC models. This step helps you determine the look and feel of your product and if you need any further design adjustments.


We realise that you might not be looking to produce thousands of parts right at launch because you’d like to test your product in the market first. We help you determine your best option based on material and quantity. Whether it is through 3D printing, silicone moulding and plastic resin casting, thermoforming, or soft tooling.

FORM3D Injection moulding      

We have a range of trusted vendors who we work with to create a large quantity of parts through injection moulding. A tool is created, and then thousands of parts are manufactured in a short period of time. The tools typically last for hundreds of thousands of parts so we manage the tools and the batches the parts are produced in and provide you with the end product based on your timelines.

 FORM3D Product design        

The packaging of your products is it’s first interaction with customers so it’s extremely important to make a good first impression. We provide packaging options depending on the nature of the product and your budget.

We provide you with a cost estimate before each step so there is total transparency and you know exactly what stage of the development cycle your product is in, as well as getting budgets, and time estimates.